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Enlightening Pallet industry Co., Limited ( ENLIGHTENING PLAST ) is a medium-size company, having around 400 employees, established at 2000, and based in Shanghai, China

ENLIGHTENING have two manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai & Ningbo 

With total area of 90,000 meter square, 60 sets of production lines, and 700 Plastic injection molds 

We currently have three sales offices, tow in china - Shanghai & Qingdao , and the third office based in Dubai, UAE 

ENLIGHTENING Annual Turnover reach 90 -100 million us dollars, overseas sales make up 30% of the total sales revenue, and we are proud to be one of the biggest exporters for plastic pallets around the world.

Our sales team in china and overseas are covering the markets in more than 40 countries around the world.

Through hardworking and passion, the company has grown over the last 20 years into one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of transport and storage products made from Plastic materials. With outstanding value for money, a comprehensive product range, and our high-quality service, we want to offer an unforgettable shopping experience for our customers – from ordering to dispatching the required item.

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ENLIGHTENING has 60 sets of injection machines, with different sizes and capacities - up to 4000 TON 


Which gives us the ability to supply unique variety of transport and storage products such as :

  • Plastic Pallets ( Stackable & Nestable Types )

  • Spill Pallets

  • Plastic Water Racks

  • Plastic Pallet Containers , Collapsible Pallet Containers 

  • Sleeve Boxes

  • Dustbins 

  • Nestable & Stackable Crates

  • Nestable & Stackable Boxes

  • Hanging and Shelf Bins

  • Plastic Dollies

  • Pets Related Products


ENLIGHTENING follows high quality ISO standards, we passed all the related tests needed for production and exportation


ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality Management Systems

ISO 45001 : 2018

Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001 : 2015

 Environmental Management Systems

Work Safety Standardization

Certification of Compliance

EN 840-1:2012

EN 840-2:2012

EN 840-5:2012

EN 840-6:2012


In order to keep constant quality and sustainability, ENLIGHTENING use virgin materials from the most popular and famous petrochemicals suppliers

We use the re-processed and regrind materials upon customer request only, after studying the end user application and advise if the the finish product quality will match the applied load and ambient temperature at customer site 



China's top 10 plastic pallet Suppliers

Due to high standards and customer satisfaction, ENLIGHTENING has been rewarded many times during its career

  • 2008, Be awarded China Top Ten Star Pallet Enterprises

  • 2009, Be awarded the most popular logistics technology equipment products of China's top 100 logistics companies

  • 201, It was audited by the organizing committee of the "Enterprise Integrity Establishment" activity in Shanghai and won the title of "Two-Star Integrity Enterprise" in Shanghai

  • 2011, The Best Brand Enterprise of Satisfaction in Logistics Packaging Technology and Equipment Market

  • 2012, Was rated as "Top 30 Chinese Pallet Enterprises"

  • 2013, Won the Malaysian government food companies sourcing in China general agent right

  • 2014, Be named "China Pallet Quality Certification Enterprise" & Won the Italy Pallet companies sourcing in China general agent right

  • 2015, Enlightening invested large money on quality control. Built our quality test control center, our products strength test machine simulates all kinds of racking systems loading capacity, and simulates uneven cargoes on pallets. Make sure all pallets bear clients cargoes safety.

      Founding unit of the International Strategic Alliance of Unitized Logistics Enterprises, China Pallet Quality Brand Enterprise

  • 2016, Be awarded Contract Credit Rating AAA Certificate

  • 2017, Won the third-level enterprise (light industry) of production safety standardization


With our accumulated experience throughout the past 20 years , we are able to understand your needs and give you the proper advise and support on all levels, starting from material and items selection, ending with sharing other customers experience at your area to make the import process easier for you. 



Made in China

 High manufacturing standards  



Committed supplier, hit and run is not our style,  

our customers are always our friends



Using only the latest manufacturing methods, our products are considered as assets







Analyze your challenge and give ideas, 

New Projects with new Molds are always welcome



We are open to customize our molds if possible to match your inquiry



Open to share our knowledge, and help you to start your own business in your country 



Selling to more than 40 countries around the world gave us the enough knowledge about the nation moods and cultures  



Very precise supplier in terms of delivery and timing 



We only do what both parties agreed,  never cheat, never lie



High experience logistics department ready for your demands

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